The simulator has been built and designed to accurately represent a Boeing 737 using genuine and replica 737 parts from high definition displays and aircraft vibration in the genuine 737 crew seats creating a fully immersive experience. Other hardware features include:

  • 737 IPECO crew seats and J-Rails
  • Centre Pedestal with 2xCOM, 2xNAV, 1xADF, Fire Panel, Cargo Fire Panel, Weather Radar Panel, Transponder, Dual Audio Panels, Rudder Trim, Flood and Door Panels.
  • Replica 737 linked Control Yokes and Rudder Pedals.
  • Motorised Throttle Quadrant including dual throttles, TOGA buttons, A/T Disconnect, Trim Wheels, Trim Indicators, Speed Brake, Flaps with TOGA gates, Stab Trim switches, Fuel Cutoff levers
  • Dual seat Main Instrument Panel including Captain PFD and ND, First Officer PFD and ND, Upper EICAS, Lower EICAS, Dual CDU's.
  • Fully functional 737 replica Mode Control Panel (MCP) and Captain/First Officer EFIS panels. The MCP includes active A/T switch and SPD and ALT intervention buttons.
  • Fully functional Forward and Aft overhead panels include Active Engine Start switches and solenoid driven Yaw Damper and Anti-ice switches.

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Gift cards can be purchased online and sent directly to the recipient, or yourself. All gift cards are valid for 12 months. Once you’ve purchased your flight experience, simply call or visit our office to book your flight time.

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